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Smokehouse BBQ - Single Serve

Smokehouse BBQ - Single Serve

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Product Description

When smoky meets savory meets straight from the heart of Texas, you get something magical. These seeds aren't just your run-of-the-mill barbecue. Nope, these bad boys are Smokehouse BBQ, and they're unlike any seeds you've ever tasted, barbecue sunflower seeds that are the perfect snack for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Chinook Seedery's Smokehouse BBQ seeds are the only “better-for-you” brand in the sunflower seed category, roasted with a proprietary process for a superior eating experience. Made with non-GMO verified, natural ingredients, and free of gluten and MSG, these barbeque sunflower seeds are a must-have for baseball and softball players, hunters, and camping enthusiasts looking for a delicious and nutritious snack on the go.

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Chinook Seedery is dedicated to a smooth shopping experience, dispatching orders within 24 hours and offering various shipping options. However, for the assurance of food safety, we are unable to accept returns of opened food products. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and are happy to promptly address any concerns to ensure a positive experience with our brand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lisa H.
Love this flavor

The seeds are plump and the flavor is delicious- smoky and sweet. Our favorite snack!

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Nicholas G.
Truly the best seeds on earth

These are the perfect snack. Every flavor is absolutely phenomenal.

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Tanner C.
Best seeds ever!!!

Man these Chinook seeds are awesome love the real flavors. They don’t taste fake and not over the top salty

Thank you for taking the time to leave a great review!

Brett L.
Best seeds ever

We give these out to the kids in our baseball team and they love them! They are so much better than the other options out there!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review!

Bret B.
Best Seeds Ever!!!

Chinook hit it out of the park..great tasting, huge seed, easy to crack shell and packed with flavor that doesn't tear up your mouth. Best seeds i have ever had without a doubt.

Thanks for the love and for leaving us a stellar review!