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Natural Sunflower Seeds

An avid sunflower seed enthusiast throughout his life, Chinook Seedery founder Mark craved a new kind of seeding experience. For years he had simply accepted the same old salt-ridden, artificial, uninspired flavors available in existing sunflower seed brands. Eating seeds was a part of his life, and there weren’t any better alternatives.

Or was there? Mark searched high and low for the best sunflower seeds out there, and he couldn’t find a single flavor or brand that lived up to his loftyexpectations. Sunflower seeds are so naturally healthy – full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Why was everyone messing with perfection?

He set out to create the perfect seed. Mark craved a larger seed – with an easily crackable shell and a crunchy, brittle kernel. Seeds with a long-lasting flavor profile that wouldn’t leave your mouth feeling torn up from too much salt. Something different.

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Mark began to experiment in the kitchen with various spices and techniques to design his dream sunflower seed. His family and friends became Chinook’s first taste testers, and after several trial flavors and styles, they all agreed that the world needed to know.

What began as a craving for a tastier, healthier sunflower seed has now become the best sunflower seeding experience around – Chinook Seedery.


Meet the Chinook Team

Chief Seed Enthusiast / Founder

When he’s not at the Seedery, Mark is most likely playing sports, watching sports, listening to sports, making questionable jokes, or contemplating the relationship between general relativity and quantum mechanics. Mark enjoys working with the people closest to him, and finding solutions to the many challenges of running a business.

Vice Seed Enthusiast / Founding Partner

Passionate about healthy eating and living, Jana spent her pre-Chinook days working at Whole Foods and teaching yoga. When Chinook began to take form, Jana used her industry experience to help create a food product that people would love. Jana is a foodie with discerning taste – and the architect behind our infamous Hatch Green Chile seeds.

Seed Enthusiast / Founding Partner

Bret has been crushing seeds from his days as a little leaguer all the way through his years playing in the Colorado Rockies organization. As a high school baseball coach, Bret appreciates the need for a healthy game time snack – he only wishes Chinook Seedery was around during his playing days.