FAQ | Chinook Seedery | Flavored Sunflower Seeds

Does Chinook Seedery craft the best tasting sunflower seeds on the planet?
  • Yes, yes we do.
Are your products grown in the U.S.?
  • With the exception of a few spices in our seasonings, all ingredients are sourced locally in the U.S.
Where can I buy your sunflower seeds?
  •  Click here to check out Store Locator. If the store doesn't carry the flavors that you are looking for, or worse yet any flavors at all, please request that they start to carry Chinook seeds. The more times they get a request, the more likely they are to carry our seeds, especially after they realize that they are the best seeds ever! You can also purchase them online here!
What happens if Chinook is out of stock of my favorite flavor?
  • Due to overwhelming demand and the time it takes to make the best seeds ever, you might find certain items out of stock from time to time. Each product page has an option to enter your email so that we can notify you when we are back in stock!
Do you use MSG?
  • Nope, never.
Are your sunflower seeds gluten free?
  • Yes. All of our ingredients are inherently gluten-free.
What does the Non-GMO Verified seal on your packaging mean?
  • GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. The label on our packaging means every single ingredient in our products has been Non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO Project. Check out this link to learn more
    Are sunflower seeds really that healthy?
    • Most definitely. Sunflower seeds contain the most Vitamin E of any nut or seed. They're also packed full of other healthy ingredients like protein, essential B Vitamins, and healthy fats and oils, just to name a few. We mean it when we say sunflower seeds are a superfood!
    Are your seeds Keto Friendly?
    • Yes. All of our flavors contain less than 2 grams of sugar per serving. While some Keto diets call for no sugar, having a bag of Chinook won't bring you out of ketosis.
        Your seeds are humongous! What's the deal?
        • We work with U.S.A. farmers that grow a variety of sunflower that produces the largest seeds in the United States.
          Are your sunflower seeds vegan?
          • Original, Hatch Chile, Dill Pickle, Cinnamon Toast, and Smokehouse BBQ are made using animal-free ingredients. Our Parmesan and Pepper seeds do contain real cheese. 
            I have a food allergy, can I eat Chinook? 
            • Probably! Chinook seeds are handcrafted in our facility and we do not handle or process any other nuts or seeds. However, our BBQ seeds do contain soy and our Parmesan and Pepper seeds have real cheese (dairy). 
            Why do you use sugar in your products?
            • We use a small amount of organic cane sugar to provide a sweet and salty flavor profile that is unique to Chinook. Each serving of seeds has less than a gram of sugar (Cinnamon Toast and Smokehouse BBQ have 2 grams), so our seeds are still Keto friendly.
              I manage a concession stand at sporting events. Can I sell Chinook seeds there?
              • Of course! We offer special pricing specifically for this sort of thing. You can purchase directly from our website with a special login we provide. We'll deliver the seeds wherever you want. Click here to apply for a wholesale account.
              When will my seeds get here??
              • Orders placed through our online store typically ship in 3 business days, the transit time is 1-10 business days depending on where you live in relation to central Texas. 
              I love Chinook Seedery sunflower seeds! How can I help spread the word?
              • Tell your friends, shout from your rooftop, request Chinook at your local stores, or simply give us a shout out on social media.
                Do you offer rewards to loyal customers?
                • Always! You can earn discounts and rewards by purchasing seeds from our website, following us on social media, and spreading the word about Chinook to others. Click the “get rewards” tab on the home page to sign up and start earning points towards free seeds and merch We love you just as much as you love Chinook!
                Can I see where the magic happens?
                • Superfans often ask if we offer tours. Unfortunately, we are not set up to run tours of our facility at this time, but we are flattered you want to spend the day with us.
                Can I send you a gift?
                • Sure. We love gifts, especially cash.
                • PO BOX 162901 - Austin, TX 78716
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