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No matter what your adventure, having a bag of Chinook nearby keeps you fueled for success. There's just something about cracking and spitting seeds that puts you in a winning mindset. Carpe Diem—Seeds the day!

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We love a salty snack, but c'mon, man! What's with the salty burn? Each batch of Chinook seeds has just enough sea salt to enhance flavor and replenish those electrolytes you sweat out in a doubleheader. You can eat our seeds all day without tearing up your mouth.

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Craft Flavors, Craft Seeds

Chinook Seedery creates uniquely flavored sunflower seeds from real foods and spices. That means real parmesan cheese, authentic Hatch chiles, freshly harvested dill, and a whole lot of "Woah, those just might be the best seeds ever".

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Better Seeds, Better For You

Our products are free of MSG and gluten, and always non-GMO verified. The label on our packaging means every single ingredient in our products has been verified by the Non-GMO Project. From field to pouch, we keep our seeds just as nature intended (just a little bit tastier if we do say so ourselves).