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Smokehouse BBQ Sunflower Seeds

Smokehouse BBQ Sunflower Seeds

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Product Description

When smoky meets savory meets straight from the heart of Texas, you get something magical. These seeds aren't just your run-of-the-mill barbecue. Nope, these bad boys are Smokehouse BBQ, and they're unlike any seeds you've ever tasted.

  • BETTER TASTING, BETTER FOR YOU: Free of MSG. Nothing artificial. Non-GMO verified. The perfect high protein snack.
  • DIET FRIENDLY: Great snack for keto, paleo, vegetarian, allergen free, and low carb diets.
  • YOUR ADVENTURE: Perfect on the go snack for baseball, road trips, camping, fishing, hunting, disc golf, & softball.
  • SMALL BATCH: Unlike other brands, not mass-produced. Jumbo seeds, roasted and salted to perfection.

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Chinook Seedery is dedicated to a smooth shopping experience, dispatching orders within 24 hours and offering various shipping options. However, for the assurance of food safety, we are unable to accept returns of opened food products. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and are happy to promptly address any concerns to ensure a positive experience with our brand.

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Customer Reviews

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Mariana Georges
Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
Favorite Seeding Location : At the Office
Discovery: Friends or Family
Could Use a Name Tweak

Great seeds, but the flavor profile is much more of a Korean BBQ flavor vs 'Smokehouse BBQ'.

You're not the first person to point his out. We are always looking at ways to improve and certainly appreciate any and all feedback. Will be relaying up the pole.

Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
Favorite Seeding Location : At the Office
Discovery: Fueling Station
Smokehouse BBQ

I have always liked this flavor but I think they should change the name. Everytime I eat them, I do think BBQ but I always get hints of other flavors that lend it towards a different flavor. I finally looked at the ingredients and with ingredients such as soy, ginger and rice vinegar I think a more appropriate name would be Asian BBQ or something along those lines. Great product but I wish they would re-name and also launch a more traditional bbq flavor with flavors including Paprika, Smoke, Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Chili Powder, etc...

We appreciate the input Richard! Glad you love the seeds!



Favorite Flavor: Smokehouse BBQ
Discovery: Fueling Station, Grocery Store
Solid Seedin

I've been eating seeds since I was shorter than a sunflower myself and these are some of the best seeds I've ever had! All the flavors are great, but the Smokehouse BBQ is the one that I keep coming back to again and again.

Kenneth Leopard
Favorite Flavor: Smokehouse BBQ
Favorite Seeding Location : Lounging on the Couch
Discovery: Fueling Station
Best Seeds

These sunflower seeds are the best!!!!