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    Original Sunflower Seeds

    Our Original flavor is anything but ordinary. Giant sunflower seeds, roasted and salted to perfection in small batches to make sure everything is just right. Add a dash of organic cane sugar to the mix and you've got seeding experience unlike any other.

    • BETTER TASTING, BETTER FOR YOU: Free of MSG. Nothing artificial. Non-GMO verified. The perfect high protein snack.
    • DIET FRIENDLY: Great snack for keto, vegan, paleo, vegetarian, allergen free, and low carb diets.
    • YOUR ADVENTURE: Perfect on the go snack for baseball, road trips, camping, fishing, hunting, disc golf, & softball.
    • SMALL BATCH: Unlike other brands, not mass-produced. Jumbo, low salt sunflower seeds without the salty burn.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 221 reviews
    Theresa Cassidy
    Favorite Flavor: Original
    Favorite Seeding Location : Lounging on the Couch
    Best Seed Ever Tasted

    Excellent quality, and taste

    Melvin S.
    They're sunflower seeds.i thought I'd

    They're sunflower seeds.i thought I'd give them a chance. I've been eating them forever. They are neither bigger or more tasty. Thirty-six dollars for 10 bags is way too expensive.

    Ronak P.
    Amazing new flavors

    Love the portion

    Fred S.
    Discovered a subreddit for sunflower

    Discovered a subreddit for sunflower seeds a few weeks back. Loved that there were so many companies I never heard of that produced them. I have been eating them all my life. Piles of them. I'm 58. I have found that the small pack Frito Lay at my local CVS had the best flavor and used to buy them out when I visited. Now I'm completely hooked on these. Great Flavor. I love the original.

    awesome product

    These seeds taste better than anything you'll find in the big name brands. For the extra $.50 per bag, you're getting more than your money's worth. Awesome taste, no burnt mouth feel, and hardly any empty seeds, sticks, or other non-product when you're going through these bags. I used to go through 2 4oz bags a week at a minimum, and with Chinook, I can eat these all day and not suffer the normal consequences. You've made a customer for life.