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    Original Parmesan & Pepper Lemon Pepper Jalapeno Ranch Smokehouse BBQ Dill Pickle Hatch Chile Cinnamon Toast

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 692 reviews
    Favorite Flavor: Hatch Chile
    Favorite Seeding Location : Road Trip
    Discovery: Event

    I’ve had many seeds throughout my life and wanted to try some new flavors. These are unique and very good flavors, and taste exactly how you would think based on the name. I’m not crazy about the cinnamon toast as the sweet flavors are unusual to have on a seed, but all the others are great in my opinion

    Thomas F.
    Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
    Favorite Seeding Location : Lounging on the Couch
    Discovery: Amazon
    Best seeds I’ve ever had

    Love almost every flavor available. Easily the best seeds on the market. Love the low sodium, yet high flavor. Only suggestion would be that the bbq taste a little odd, but that may just be me. Overall 5/5

    Favorite Flavor: Cinnamon Toast
    Favorite Seeding Location : Watching / Playing Baseball
    Discovery: Friends or Family

    Best seeds I’ve ever had. I’m

    Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
    Favorite Seeding Location : At the Office
    Discovery: Online Search
    Best sunflower seeds

    I have tried many sunflower seeds from many vendors and have not found any that compare to Chinook Seedery. They are fresh, great flavours and I have bought many cases over the years as many in my family enjoy them as well.

    Donald McCulley
    Favorite Flavor: Original
    Favorite Seeding Location : Road Trip
    Discovery: Fueling Station
    Best seeds around

    I love these seeds! Low in sodium! No sandpaper in your mouth!