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    Sampler Pack

    For only $7, you can try all 6 of our amazing flavors. Be forewarned, becoming hooked on Chinook comes with side effects including:

      • sustainable natural energy
      • friends and family developing a sudden sense of snack envy
      • a new perspective on how seeding should be
    • BETTER TASTING, BETTER FOR YOU: Free of MSG. Nothing artificial. Non-GMO verified. The perfect high protein snack.
    • DIET FRIENDLY: Great snack for keto paleo, vegetarian, allergen free, and low carb diets.
    • YOUR ADVENTURE: Perfect on the go snack for baseball, road trips, camping, fishing, hunting, disc golf, & softball.
    • SMALL BATCH: Unlike other brands, not mass-produced. Quality, low salt sunflower seeds without the salty burn.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 201 reviews
    Favorite Flavor: Dill Pickle
    Favorite Seeding Location : Watching / Playing Baseball
    Discovery: Online Search

    This is the best “bang for your buck”. A very nice way to try what you like and for a reasonable price.

    p s
    Favorite Flavor: Hatch Chile
    Favorite Seeding Location : Watching / Playing Baseball
    Discovery: Fueling Station, Social Media

    Got the sampler pack and wow was I in for a treat these seeds are packed full of flavor and even the Chilli seeds are not just straight heat but a party in your mouth of flavor.

    Ray Carroll
    Favorite Flavor: Smokehouse BBQ
    Favorite Seeding Location : At the Office
    Discovery: Social Media
    Best seeds ever

    Got the sampler pack and I can definitely say these are the best. It’s hard to pick a favorite. It’s like trying to pick which of my three kids is my favorite. They all are unique and perfect in their own way but they all have that perfect basic seed flavor. Best purchase I’ve made since I paid for my kid’s college.

    Mitch G.
    Favorite Flavor: Original
    Favorite Seeding Location : Road Trip
    Discovery: Fueling Station
    Solid Seeds

    Perfect amount of salt and flavor. Few “dud” seeds and size is large. Compared to Davis and Lance seeds, these are superior.

    Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
    Favorite Seeding Location : Watching / Playing Baseball
    Discovery: Friends or Family
    Love all of them

    I have eaten all of them and they are SOO Good