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    Sampler Pack

    For only $7, you can try all 7 of our amazing flavors. Be forewarned, becoming hooked on Chinook comes with side effects including:

      • sustainable natural energy
      • friends and family developing a sudden sense of snack envy
      • a new perspective on how seeding should be
    • BETTER TASTING, BETTER FOR YOU: Free of MSG. Nothing artificial. Non-GMO verified. The perfect high protein snack.
    • DIET FRIENDLY: Great snack for keto paleo, vegetarian, allergen free, and low carb diets.
    • YOUR ADVENTURE: Perfect on the go snack for baseball, road trips, camping, fishing, hunting, disc golf, & softball.
    • SMALL BATCH: Unlike other brands, not mass-produced. Quality, low salt sunflower seeds without the salty burn.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 209 reviews
    Ann Tromba
    Favorite Flavor: Original
    Favorite Seeding Location : Lounging on the Couch
    Discovery: Grocery Store
    Best seeds ever

    I have tried most of the seeds on the market and have found Chinook Seeds to be the best over-all for taste, satisfaction of splitting the seeds and for the quality of the seeds themselves. I would recommend these seeds to everyone.

    Favorite Flavor: Dill Pickle
    Favorite Seeding Location : At the Office
    Discovery: Fueling Station

    Ive had the smokehouse bbq, dill pickle, jalapeno ranch so far. The flavors are meh, not bad but nothing exciting. I still have 4 more flavors to try. What I appreciate about the seeds the most is that I dont feel like im getting too much salt. Other brands have a 50% sodium intake for 1/4cup. Chinook seems to have more or less 10%. So the stress is less. I work for the railroad not “the office”, I enjoy them at work.

    Andrew Harrison
    Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
    Favorite Seeding Location : Fishing
    Discovery: Fueling Station
    Love these Seeds so much

    I love the Parmesan & Pepper!!! And the dill pickle seasoning is delightful can’t recommend any other brand, Chinook is the best’

    Peggy Wheeler
    Favorite Flavor: Dill Pickle
    Favorite Seeding Location : Watching / Playing Baseball
    Discovery: Event

    Great customer service!

    Michael Noe
    Favorite Flavor: Original
    Favorite Seeding Location : At the Office
    Discovery: Grocery Store
    Best Seeds Ever!!!

    Been buying parmesan pepper seeds for a while now, decided to check the website out. Bought a sample pack, ive been hooked on other flavors since. Love these seeds!