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    October 03, 2019 2 min read

    We firmly believe there is no singularly “correct” way to eat sunflower seeds, and your individual sunflower seed snacking style is an extension of that! So, how do you get to snacking?

     1. All at Once

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    Do you make like the former New York Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez and go for quantity? We can’t blame you, when it comes to snack time, we came to snack, and the all-at-once strategy is the quickest way to go from “hangry” to “moderate food coma” in 60 seconds flat. Go ahead and enjoy at whatever pace suits your hunger level (we promise we won’t judge).

     2. Crack, ‘n’ Spit

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    This classic technique is a time-honored tradition that may harken back to the beginning of sunflower seeds themselves. It can take a little practice and more than a little mouth dexterity to get the hang of it, but cracking the shell of seeds between your teeth and seeing how far you can spit em’ should be an Olympic sport. Okay, maybe we wouldn’t take it that far, but it’s still at the top of our “necessary life skills” list!


    3. Savor the Flavor

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    This is one of our favorite ways to eat Chinook Seedery sunflower seeds. With so many unique flavors made from real foods and spices, savoring the taste one seed at a time is hard to beat. Whether it’s Smokehouse BBQ, Parmesan & Pepper, or straight-up Original, a leisurely pace is relaxing as it is delicious. *chef’s kiss* 

    And we gotta give a shoutout to The Baseballogist for one of the best sunflower seed eating photos ever!



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