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Top 10 Places to Eat Sunflower Seeds

Top 10 Places to Eat Sunflower Seeds

The popularity of sunflower seeds as a snack isn’t all that surprising when you consider their health benefits, even in small amounts, and their size.

However, not every location is the best place to start snacking. Instead of cracking the shells during a PTA meeting or movie, consider snacking during the following activities.


Imagine this: It’s a bright, sunny day as you speed down the highway. Your sunglasses are on, your favorite music is blaring on the radio, and suddenly, you’re feeling a bit peckish. So you grab the sunflower seeds you brought with you and start snacking, spitting the seeds out the open window as you drive.

Whether you’re taking a road trip, traveling for pleasure, or are on your work commute, sunflower seeds make a healthy, delicious snack to tide you over until the next meal while keeping you focused and alert.


Fishing is all about patience; you cast your line and wait for a nibble. While you wait, grab some sunflower seeds instead of grabbing a bag of chips. The filling snack will prevent overeating and provide some flavor as you wait to reel in your catch. Try bringing some on your next fly-fishing, bass-fishing, or ice-fishing trip.


Hunting, like fishing, requires patience. Unlike fishing, however, you must pay careful attention to ensure you don’t miss any deer, rabbits, or whatever you may be hunting for.

The vitamins in sunflower seeds will keep you awake and aware, and they’re small enough to fit into a bowl or plastic container that will be quieter than a bag. Just don’t crack or spit the seeds too loudly!

Watching a Movie

Looking for a healthy movie snack? While buttery, salty popcorn is usually the go-to snack for movie-watching, sunflower seeds shouldn’t be overlooked. They have the same salty, crunchy appeal as popcorn but are way healthier and have fewer calories.

So the next time you curl up under a cozy blanket on your favorite chair to watch your favorite movie, consider replacing your bag of popcorn with a bag of sunflower seeds.

Football Tailgate

While the tailgate you go to may have a fun tradition, the main appeal is chatting with your friends and other fans as you enjoy some freshly grilled barbecue. Sunflower seeds are a great complement to burgers, hotdogs, and more by being a healthy replacement for chips.

They can also be flavored, adding a bit of sweetness, spice, or sourness to enhance your meal. Just be sure to bring enough to share!

Working at Your Desk

No matter how much you love your job, the days are going to crawl sometimes. So to enhance these otherwise long, dreary days, consider snacking on some sunflower seeds.

The process of sucking on the shells for the flavor, cracking them open with your teeth, savoring the kernel within, and then spitting out the shells can provide a bit of stress relief. You may even feel more focused and creative thanks to the many vitamins and minerals they contain.


Golfing can be a fun, relaxing activity to enjoy with your friends on the weekends, and sunflower seeds can enhance it. Seeds are perfect for that golf cart ride in between shots. Just don’t spit the shells on the green!

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn is a tedious task at best and an unwanted chore at worst. To make it more enjoyable,, consider snacking on sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds help to replenish your electrolytes, making them ideal for hot summer days, and the simple act of eating them improves your focus and ensures you don't miss that one spot you always seem to miss.

Baseball or Softball

Whether you play or watch baseball or softball, you’re likely already aware of what a great snack sunflower seeds are. This is a match made in heaven.

Walking the Dog

You probably walk your dog at least once a day. So as your adorable pooch enjoys some time outside, releasing some energy, why not bring a small bag of sunflower seeds? That way, as your dog enjoys the fresh air and exciting smells of the neighborhood, you can enjoy the salty flavor of sunflower seeds.

Do you eat sunflower seeds at any of these places? What are some of your favorite places to snack on sunflower seeds? Is there a particular sunflower seed flavor you’d want to have on hand? Let us know in the comments down below!

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