The Ride of a Lifetime

The Ride of a Lifetime

Chinook Seedery partners with athletes and scholars who represent our ideals and demonstrate the power of our product. These ambitious competitors excel in their chosen pastimes, or open the door for others who may not have had the opportunity to participate in such competitions. We'll share their stories here, once a month.


 Nick Pellegrini, a Leeds Business School student at the University of Colorado and a member of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, is taking on an unforgettable experience and riding his bike across the country.

“The organization is called the Ability Experience. It is Pi Kappa Phi’s national philanthropy and the actual ride is called the Journey of Hope.”

The Ability Experience is a nonprofit organization that supports people with disabilities. It’s mission promotes community and awareness, focusing on “the amazing things people with disabilities can do, as opposed to focusing on what they can’t…where the abilities of all people are recognized and valued.”

“At Pi Kappa Phi, our national philanthropy is what we’re all about. It’s about helping people with disabilities, and I knew from the beginning when I joined [the fraternity] that this was something I wanted to do. So it was just a matter of if I could get myself to do it. I saw this summer as my opportunity to actually do it and take the foot forward. I just kind of went for it.”

Riding from San Francisco to Washington D.C., Nick will rack up around 3,630 miles on his bike. But before he could hit the road, Nick put his Marketing major to the test and did some serious fundraising.

“In order for me to participate in this ride for the summer, I had to raise $5,500. Lucky for me I have a big community of people back home. Whether it’s family or friends, they were there to support me and help me get going on the journey. I started fundraising eight months ago and I am a little over $10,000 right now, that I’ve raised.”

During Nick’s ride, he will be making frequent stops to visit children at local hospitals and organizations like The Boys and Girls Club of America.

“I’m just trying to think about what I’m doing for [the kids]. Really doing whatever they need and just kind of brightening their day. They look forward to us every year.”


The money raised by Nick and the rest of the Journey of Hope riders will go to these organizations to help provide equipment, build new facilities, and to support research.

“My hardest day is nothing like their hardest day. I try not to think about myself other than really just getting out there, getting out there safely.”

On his journey across the country, Nick will be biking up to 70 miles on any given day to reach his final destination of Washington D.C.

Partnering with Chinook Seedery for the journey, Nick says the company has helped him both physically and mentally during his grueling trek across the country.

“Knowing I have people supporting me and what I’m doing is really what helps me push through.  Just sitting down, opening up a bag of seeds and chewing on them gets your mind off things. Not to mention getting that extra nourishment throughout the day, it really helps.”


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