Snack Attack: ATX Edition

Snack Attack: ATX Edition

For busy parents across the state of Texas, and across the United States, we’re familiar with the constant “go, go, go” pace of day-to-day life. Between sports practice, carpool, daycare, book projects, house-hold chores and spending quality time with your children, you’ve got a lot on your mind.

When it comes to meals and after-school snack time, you’re looking for something easy and fast that fits in with your sometimes hectic schedule. But, you also want something that comes with the peace-of-mind that your kids’ snacking habits are nurturing both their bodies, and their taste buds. We think having both should be the rule, not the exception.

True to our nature of wanting the very best health-conscious and flavorful snack options for you and your family, we would like to present some of our favorite companies that share our passion for combining nutrition and elevated flavors in a way that can make you feel good about the snacks you share with your children.

The Mediterranean Chef

You may know humus, but you haven’t met The Mediterranean Chef’s hummus.

Chef and owner of The Mediterranean Chef, Nikki Turkel, has roots in Istanbul, and a background in chemical engineering, Swiss and American nutritional analysis laboratories, and expertise in French culinary cuisine. Now, she’s lovingly bringing the family recipes from her Grandma and is sharing them across Austin, Texas and the entirety of the Lone Star State.  

From traditional garbanzo bean based Granma’s Humus, Mom’s Babaganus (we’re talking eggplant!), Mom’s Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) to Mom’s Tabuleh (parsley & cracked what salad), everything from The Mediterranean Chef features the freshest ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Whether you like to spread, dip or eat your snacks by the spoonful, The Mediterranean Chef starts with tried-and-true family recipes and a love for quality ingredients that can be tasted in every single batch, and we’re here for that.

El Norteño

For those looking to add a little unexpected, yet kid-friendly, spice, look no further than the bold and vibrant flavors of El Norteño.

Inspired by the rich musical culture of Northern Mexico and their traditional flavors, El Norteño is an Austin-based meat snacks company who offer Cecina beef jerky and Mexican-style meat sticks loaded with plenty of spice, a twist of Texas tang, and no artificial fillers.

Limón Habanero Mexican-style meat sticks are the perfect pick-me-up snack, and the cooling flavor of lime paired with medium habanero heat makes a perfect combination for both adults and more picky taste palettes. For a traditional option that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, treat the family to some Original Cecina style beef jerky that’s inspired by traditional Mexican Cecina. This jerky is thinly-sliced, air-dried and comes in flavorful sheets with a packet of hot sauce in each bag for an extra kick.

All El Norteño products are made of 100% American beef, and have no fillers, no MSG, and are gluten free, making them a great protein-filled option for extra busy days and weekends.

Wunder Nuggets

The founder of plant-based Wunder Nuggets, Hema Reddy, developed her product with a mission of innovating family favorites (like chicken nuggets) and transforming them into a nutritionally valid option with the perfect amount of flavor and just the right texture.

Wunder Nuggets were born from her time spent as a mom, finding a way to get her picky eaters to get more whole grains, veggies and greens into their diet, while maintaining convenience for all those busy days that demand quick dinners and snacks. She couldn’t find an option that had everything she wanted (a well-balanced option, with no junk, but ALL the taste) and she found it by making it herself.

Wunder Nuggets currently come in two flavors, rosemary chicken, and minty lentil, plus they have gluten and grain free options for sensitive stomachs! The minty lentil Wundernuggets are made with lentils, chickpeas, cabbage, cauliflower and chia seeds, while the rosemary chicken Wundernuggets are made with chicken, chickpeas, cabbage and cauliflower. More flavors are on the way, so keep your eyes peeled!

Kids are so excited to be eating such a tasty version of their favorite meal, they won’t even notice the extra veggies and good-for-them ingredients that have been snuck in 🤫.


For Veronica Garza, Co-Founder & President of Siete, the company was born within the coming together of family to help her through a difficult health challenge with autoimmune conditions. Through the combined journey of her family of seven, they discovered ways food can heal the body, primarily by adopting a grain-free and low-inflammatory diet.

 As a part of a Mexican-American family from the heart of South Texas, this meant that the flour and corn tortillas typically used for fajitas and tacos needed a grain-free replacement. The rest is history. Veronica began making grain-free tortillas for her family to a resounding “yum!”, and they’ve made it their mission to share that “yum” with you and your family.

With grain-free tortillas, tortilla chips, and taco shells, you can enjoy chips and salsa or delicious wraps knowing that there aren’t any grains that will irritate sensitive stomachs or irritate any health conditions.

From the Chinook Seedery family to yours, we wish you happy, healthy, and tasty snacking!

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