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    December 09, 2019 2 min read

    Whether you need a quick morning snack to get you from 9 a.m. to lunch time, or you’re partial to getting the munchies in the late afternoon, we’re sure that if you’re feeling snacky, you have a couple of co-workers who are too. And why not share with the office?! Sharing is caring, and nothing brings people together better than a sweet or savory snack (plus, being the co-worker who always has the awesome snacks is a quick way to become the office favorite 😉).

    So, what snacks are all the cool kids munching on these days? Something delicious and nutritious, of course!

    Skip the Donuts

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    We love glazed donuts as much as the next person, don’t get us wrong, but for an everyday snack that comes without the over processed sugar and other not-great-for-you junk, sunflower seeds are a superfood option that can satisfy everyone’s hunger. Chinook Seedery sunflower seeds are not only MSG free and verified non-GMO, but each batch is handcrafted with a variety of unique flavors made from real foods and spices. From Parmesan & Pepper, Smokehouse BQQ, or Cinnamon Toast, even the pickiest co-worker can find a flavor that speaks to their taste buds!


    Boost Your Brain 

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    For those Monday mornings or Wednesday’s around 3 p.m. when that last minute report or presentation is due, we know our brains could use a little boost to get through the rest of the day. This is where snacking meets science! Sunflower seeds make a great snack for boosting your brain function due to the high amount of phosphorus they contain. What is phosphorus you ask? Great question! According to Healthline, phosphorus is “the second most plentiful mineral in your body”, and helps you make and store energy, move your muscles, maintain strong bones and much more. If you and your co-workers are feeling that early morning brain fog, a handful of sunflower seeds could be the brainfood your body needs to get going.


    Invigorate Your Immune System 

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    The everyday stress of home and work plus seasonal sickness can leave your immune system functioning at less-than-optimal levels, and no one wants to pass around the flu at the office! Keep you and your co-workers immune systems in tip-top health with snacks that are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. Sunflower seeds are rich with antioxidants and good-for-you nutrients like Vitamin E (important for vision and blood/skin/brain health) and Selenium (important for cognitive function, body processes and a healthy immune system), making them the perfect snack to keep hand year-round. No sick days here!

    Sunflower seeds are a snack that never goes out of style, and if you’re planning on bringing some into work for your mid-day snack, you maaaay want to keep an extra bag or two tucked away in your desk drawer. We know from experience. 😉

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