Little League World Series: 5 Reasons It’s the Best Tournament in Sports

Little League World Series: 5 Reasons It’s the Best Tournament in Sports

Needless to say, we consider ourselves pretty big baseball fans.  Naturally, we already love the Little League World Series simply for being a great display of the sport.  But, we know it’s so much more than that, too.  It’s one of our favorite tournaments in sports, and as an ode, here are five reasons to love the Little League World Series.

#5 - The Kids

The purpose of the Little Leagues is to support youth involvement in sports.  How awesome is it to watch these kids participate on a national stage? It’s always fun to watch a grand slam, or catch a close game.  When all the all-stars hitting the home runs are hardly out of elementary school, it’s even more exciting. 





#4 - The Sportsmanship

Let’s just do a little recap to illustrate why this is one of the reasons the Little League World Series is so great.  In the recent game between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, Venezuela made an unexpected comeback in the final inning that left the young Dominican Republic pitcher in tears.  Rather than gloating, the Venezuelan Little Leaguers ran to the mound to hug the pitcher. It’s just one example, but stories like these are regular occasion in the LLWS, making it one of our favorite things about the event.

little league world series sportsmanship

#3 - A Coming Together of Countries and Cultures

The LLWS brings kids from all different countries together to bond over their love of baseball.  It gives them the chance to build lifelong friendships over a very special common interest.  And we have to admit, the only thing that goes together better than baseball and seeds, is baseball and camaraderie.

#2 - The Coaches

We’re a sucker for a great coach.  Not to mention, quite a few of the Little League coaches are fathers of players on the team.  And there’s just something nostalgic about watching a father and son get to share in a victory during this tournament.

llws moms

#1 - And, of course, the Moms.

You didn’t think we’d forget the Moms of Little League.  Watching these super fans support their kids is equally as inspiring as the baseball games themselves.  And, shout out to the Team Canada Moms, all of which have a pretty impressive sport’s rap sheet of their own, and are among the loudest in the crowd at every game.

Little League provides friendship, family, and good old fashioned fun for the kids in the baseball community.  The tournament is rooted in the best spirit of the game we love, and it’s why the Little League World Series tops our list of sporting events of all types.

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