How Sunflower Seeds Can Help You Quit Smoking

How Sunflower Seeds Can Help You Quit Smoking


While quitting a bad habit can be hard, looking for resources, tips and tools to aid in the process is half the battle, and if you’ve found this blog you’re already way ahead of where you started.

If you’ve made the decision to quit, firstly, congratulations! Quitting smoking in particular can be a hard habit to quit, but you’re making a wonderful decision for your current and long-term health.

While meeting with your doctor or another trusted health professional is the first step you should take for help quitting is setting a date to quit, and stocking up on tools to help you quit, gives you a higher chance of success in quitting for the long-term!

When quitting tobacco products, it’s important to remember it’s not just the nicotine you’re trying to quit, but also the habit and ritual associated with the tobacco product, and the oral fixation that comes along with it.

The Mayo Clinic recommends giving your mouth something to do to fight tobacco cravings, particularly munching on something “crunchy and satisfying” like sunflower seeds or raw vegetables.

Sunflower seeds still in their shell are a great option for keeping your hands and mouth busy (and your brain far away from thoughts of your previous habits) because cracking them open is a ritual in and of itself.

Not only are sunflower seeds a great way to satisfy your habit, but they’re a much healthier alternative! In fact, low-salt sunflower seeds are not only low in carbohydrates, but are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, and plenty of healthy fats. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Low-salt sunflower seeds are the healthiest sunflower seed option, and it even helps enhance the flavor of the seed. Chinook Seedery sunflower seeds are low in salt content, but high in flavor with a variety of unique flavors that will ensure you never get bored while kicking your old habit. Smokehouse BBQ, Dill Pickle, or Cinnamon Toast, anyone?

However you choose to kick your habit to the curb, we applaud you for taking a step towards a healthier, tobacco-free you. You’ve got this! 👏


Addition - May 2020:

We've found another terrific resource to help. This article from Katie Holmes at Outwit Trade has some more great tips, and several submissions from ex-smokers about their journey to a tobacco free lifestyle. 

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That’s exactly what chinook seeds are doing for me. Love the hatch Chile and the parmesan and pepper ones

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