Chinook Seedery Bracket Challenge

Chinook Seedery Bracket Challenge

Chinook Seedery has teamed up with MLB stars Bobby Witt Jr. and Alex Bregman to add some spice to this year's NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Everyone loves to fill out a bracket for March Madness, but the Chinook Seedery Bracket Challenge allows you to compete against elite athletes from a number of different sports. Entrants are eligible to win incredible prizes like a an all-expense paid trip to the 2023 MLB All-Star Game, autographed gear from Bobby Witt Jr. and Alex Bregman, free sunflower seeds for a year, and much more.

Many of Team Chinook's Athlete ambassadors will also compete in the contest.

The contest is free to enter. To join the fun, just click here to sign up.

Get updates on the contest by following @ChinookSeedery and other athletes on social media.

Bobby Witt Jr.

Instagram - @bwitter15 

Twitter - @BwittJr

Alex Bregman

Instagram - @abreg_1

Twitter - @abreg_1

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I was about to put in my next 12 pack order when I saw that you teamed up Astros CHEATER Alex Bregman. I’m sooo disappointed!!! I will not be ordering from Chinook again.


I love Chinook Seeds and have shared my seeds with others who are just as in love with them as myself. with baseball and seeds. Almost like Baseball & Apple pie.


Danny Johnson

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