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4 Hacks to Keep You Healthy Through the Holidays

4 Hacks to Keep You Healthy Through the Holidays

4 Hacks to Keep You Healthy Through the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, there are a few things you can almost always count on: The rekindling of your love-hate relationship with Christmas music, epic Black Friday throwdown videos, and of course, lots and lots of indulging. And while it may seem like a far off feat, there are things you can do to help avoid the unwanted consequences of all that merry consumption, while still enjoying the good times (and even better food) that come with the holiday season.

Stress Less

The holidays are a good time, but only if you can chill out long enough to really enjoy yourself. When you start to feel stress or anxiety creeping up on you, kick it before it gets you down by pausing and taking a few deep, intentional breathes to ‘recalibrate’ your emotional barometer. Sipping on a soothing cup of tea or getting a good whiff of citrus (think scented-candles or essential oils) are also great ways to help relieve stress in the moment.

Don’t Come Hungry

It might seem like a good idea to avoid eating before the big holiday feast to save on extra calories, but it’s actually a plan you can count on backfiring. Munching on a snack that is naturally rich in protein and good-for-you fats beforehand, such as handful of sunflower seeds, is a great way to help keep you disciplined in the face of temptation and avoid going back for unnecessary second (or third) helpings. Plus, no one wants to be around the hangry guy.

Get In Those ZZZs

The holidays can quickly leave you stretched for both time and sleep, but getting in enough quality shut eye is an important part of staying healthy and happy during the holiday season. Why? Sleep not only helps lower stress levels and enhance mood, it also boosts your immune system and staves offunwanted weight gain and overeating.

Fuel Up On Antioxidants

From holiday party hopping, to festive cocktails, the influx of toxins from food and alcohol during the holiday season can quickly become all too real. And since our liver is the most important detoxification system in the body, it’s especially important to take extra steps to keep it in tip-top shape during the holidays. Fueling up on antioxidant-rich foods is an easy way to help your liver get the vitamins and minerals it relies on, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium and magnesium, to help it with detoxification. Think sunflower seeds, citrus fruits and green vegetables, to name a few.

When all’s said and done, party on, enjoy yourself, and have a happy, healthy holiday season!

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