Kick off football season the right way with tailgating grub that will not only win over your taste buds, but will also give you the energy and stamina you need to cheer on your favorite team. We’re not talking about the same old hot dogs you throw on the grill with a plastic fork, or the cold deli meats you happen to pick up in passing. Oh no, we’re talking American-made, flavor-packed, all-natural goodness.

Here are four good reasons why sunflower seeds are the perfect tailgate staple for any type of ball game:



1. Take ‘em Anywhere

Tailgating is the ultimate party, and it extends far beyond the grill. Instead of being hungrily tied down to one area, patiently awaiting to be fed, give yourself the freedom to walk around and enjoy the company of whoever you want – this is America after all. Sunflower seeds are not only delicious and satisfying, you can also take them just about anywhere you’d like to go. No fork, knife, prep time or plate-holding required.

2. Your Beverage’s (And Your Morning After’s) Ultimate Wingman

All avid tailgaters know that having your favorite drink in hand is just as important as (if not more than) what you eat. Sunflower seeds are a hands-free way to enjoy a flavor-packed snack, without having to sacrifice valuable hand-space and put down your drink of choice – A.K.A. the Robin to your Tall Boy’s Batman. Even better, sunflower seeds are packed with Vitamin E and Selenium, both of which are powerful antioxidants that have been shown to protect your kidneys from harmful free radicals that can interfere with proper kidney function – meaning a brighter morning after for you.

3. Packed With the Good Stuff

While always a good time, tailgating has the potential to take it out of you before the game even begins – but that doesn’t have to be your reality. All-natural sunflower seeds, like the kind we whip up at Chinook Seedery, deliver a powerful combination of nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins to deliver you the energy and stamina you need to be on top of your game until the final whistle. It might also be the reason why security won’t snag them from you when you walk in.

4. All-American Taste for an All-American Sport

Just as the great sport of American football originated on American soil, sunflower seeds are one of the unique crops native to the American continents that are still popular today. Even better, you don’t have to look far to find all-natural sunflower seeds that are made right here in the U.S. of A. At Chinook Seedery, all four of our flavor varieties are American-made and deliver only the finest, non-GMO ingredients – like the cheesy deliciousness of fresh Parm and the heat of authentic hatch green chilies – making for a tailgate snack that would make both Lady Liberty and Mother Nature proud.