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10 Best Places to Eat Sunflower Seeds

10 Best Places to Eat Sunflower Seeds

10 Best Places to Eat Sunflower Seeds

It goes without saying that sunflower seeds taste good no matter where you’re eating them. But if you enjoy the process of sucking on a shell, cracking it wide open, and then spitting it out, you might not want to break out your bag at the next PTA meeting.

Instead, enjoy them at the following times, which we consider the ultimate opportunities for sunflower seed snacking.

On a Road Trip

We know that everyone has their favorite road trip snack. For some, it’s blue sports drink and candy. For others, it’s fake orange cheese and soda. But what’s GOOD about that?

Get your hands on sunflower seeds before you back out of the driveway for a real food snack. Not only will the process of eating the in-shell seeds keep you awake, but the natural, energy-producing vitamins and minerals of sunflower seeds will keep you energized behind the wheel.


Just be sure to spit out the shells quietly.

At Your Desk

It’s 2:05pm, but if feels like 4:59pm. Don’t agonize another minute.

On a Hike

The average 35-year-old man will burn 998 calories while on a two-hour hike. To keep your belly from rumbling on the way back to the car, a package of sunflower seeds will do the trick.

At the Beach

Who knows how long your friends will want to stay at the beach! You need to bring activities. Plus, the copper found in sunflower seeds works to protect skin tissue from overexposure to the sun.

Watching Sports

Whether in the stands or on your couch, a handful of sunflower seeds satisfies your tasty snack craving, and they are for more nutritious than fried foods.


You know that sunflower seed eating is a great way to pass the time around the campfire, but there are more benefits than just entertainment. Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights off free radicals in the environment — like pollutants and smoke!


There’s no reason to get impatient with the group ahead. Enjoy sunflower seeds while you wait. Just don’t spit the shells on the green.

Ice Fishing

It’s cold outside! Keep your jaw moving!

While Playing Baseball and Softball!

Sunflower seeds have a reputation at baseball games and for good reason! There’s no better way to spend time in the dugout. Plus, the vitamins, protein, and healthy fats in sunflower seeds will keep you strong, focused, and ready to hit the next fastball.

Where do you like to eat your sunflower seeds?

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