5 Hilarious MLB Sunflower Seed Moments

5 Hilarious MLB Sunflower Seed Moments

There’s nothing that goes together quite like baseball and sunflower seeds, and we can’t believe how lucky we are that cameras were able to capture these 5 hilarious MLB sunflower seed moments. Without further ado, enjoy the hilarity!

1. Nolan Arenado is...hangry

And can you really blame him?? This is exactly how we react when that 2pm hunger starts to hit. Give us ALL the Chinook Seedery sunflower seeds! You’ve been warned. 👀

2. A little help from a friend is all you need


Sometimes you get a little snacky, and we all wish we had someone there to hand-feed us sunflower seeds…right? We applaud these Detroit Tigers players for looking out for a friend in need 👏

3. Aim isn’t all that important

All that really matters is getting those sunflower seeds in your mouth as fast as possible…even if you miss a few. 😅

4. Justin Masterson is allll business

He doesn’t even crack a smile while being pelted with sunflower seeds from his Cleveland teammates. We got to say, we admire the dedication.

5. This player is truly a good sport

The former Miami Marlins pitcher keeps his cool (through a smirk) while getting a sunflower seed shower from what can only be assumed as a couple of his teammates. At least it’s not Gatorade? 🙊 


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