4 Reasons To Bring Your Chinook Seeds To Class

4 Reasons To Bring Your Chinook Seeds To Class

School Is Back In Session: 4 Reasons To Bring Your Chinook Seeds To Class


Whether you’re in for another year at the same school or starting a new adventure at college, staying healthy, energized, and focused in the classroom is sometimes easier said than done. Here are 4 reasons why sunflower seeds should be your grab-n-go snack for this upcoming school year.


1. Enhance Brain Function

Sunflower seeds are a phosphorus-rich snack. What does this mean? They contain a hefty amount of a mineral called phosphorus, which is normally found in and around the cells of the brain. Giving the body extra amounts of phosphorus helps fuel cognitive performance and will leave you feeling confident and focused for that next big test.


2. Maintain a Strong Immune System

If even just hearing the words “back to school” triggers some anxiety and stress, you’re not alone. Heading back to school has the potential to interfere with your health and lower your immune system, and no one has time for that. Sunflower seeds are packed with essential nutrients and minerals to help fight off sickness to keep you happy and healthy during the most stressful of times. Rich with antioxidants like Vitamin E and Selenium, sunflower seeds are a perfect snack to balance out your metabolic functions. Even when you’re swamped with work and feeling overwhelmed, chewing on some seeds will help you stay sick-free and stronger than ever.


3. Verified Non-GMO

Our seeds are 100% GMO and MSG free. Since our product is Verified Non-GMO, you can be certain we produce only the most natural sunflower seeds for you to enjoy. You’ll never have to worry about harmful chemicals in your body when eating Chinook Seeds because we take this small but powerful superfood, seriously. We take time to be as mindful and thorough as possible with the production of our seeds, hand-crafting each batch to perfection. We’re not called the #bestseedsever for nothin’.


4. Easy Snacking

Our Chinook seeds are, on average, 30% larger than the next brand, making our shells easier to crack, giving you a more flavorful and enjoyable snacking experience. With our six unique and delicious flavors, you’ll have a snack for every occasion. Whether you’re studying in class, relaxing in the dorms, or hanging out on the quad, we’ve got the perfect flavors to keep your hunger satisfied and your friend circle growing. Plus, check out our single serve sampler packs. Their size is designed for you to stick in your backpack (or back pocket) for a quick snack.


We hope this upcoming school year is one for the books, and don’t forget to stay energized and healthy with the help of our favorite superfood snack.
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