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    Original Parmesan & Pepper Lemon Pepper Jalapeno Ranch Smokehouse BBQ Dill Pickle Hatch Chile Cinnamon Toast

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 681 reviews
    Stacy Salinas
    Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
    Favorite Seeding Location : Lounging on the Couch
    Discovery: Online Search
    Best Seeds Ever

    Really good seeds and not overly salty, my favorite seeds now!

    Favorite Flavor: Smokehouse BBQ
    Favorite Seeding Location : Lounging on the Couch
    Discovery: Social Media
    They live up to their reputation!

    Since I was younger, I have always LOVED sunflower seeds, and I would eat them constantly. They were my favorite snack, and I'd always have a bag of them in my purse. Over the years, I have tried so many brands of sunflower seeds, and these are by far the best seeds I have ever had! The best part, and my weakness, is that they don't leave you with a sandpaper tongue. So, this sometimes will leave me devouring a whole bag in a couple of sittings, or even in one, though I try to not do that.

    I can't go back to any other brand of sunflower seeds after trying these. I didn't have my subscription spaced out well in the beginning, so I was without them for a week, which felt like an eternity waiting on my next order. I caved and bought some David's (I know, I was better off waiting), and there's such a stark difference.These were no substitute to fill this void. Chinook's seeds and their flavor are so much bolder and fresher, and there is always a crispiness/crunchiness when consuming each seed.

    I will say, the Dill Pickle flavor has always been a favorite of mine, and there's a unique taste to these that are different from other brands, but this one surprised me. All the flavors are worth trying, and I always have to get at least one of each flavor.

    Favorite Flavor: Original
    Favorite Seeding Location : At the Office
    Discovery: Social Media
    Great seeds

    I like to seed, it’s a bit of a habit. I’ll go through phases where I eat seeds every day during work. I’ve long since quit the big brands like David’s, way too salty, even their low sodium brand. The Chinook seeds have the perfect amount of salt. I could take down a whole bag in a day and still not mess up my lips, tongue, or inside of my cheek. I took a star off because these are not my absolute favorite seeds, the actual taste of the seed inside from the roasting is 4/5.

    Ryan Champagne
    Favorite Flavor: Hatch Chile
    Favorite Seeding Location : Lounging on the Couch
    Discovery: Fueling Station
    Unmatched flavor

    The title speaks for itself

    Caleb Cooley
    Favorite Flavor: Parmesan & Pepper
    Favorite Seeding Location : Road Trip
    Discovery: Fueling Station
    Great seeds

    Chinook seeds are the best I’ve ever had